Paul-Michel is a Belgian photographer living in south Dublin, Ireland. After graduating in photography and film-making, Paul-Michel moved into the world of television newsgathering as a reporter-cameraman, working for various international organisations and broadcatsers such as BBC, CNN, APTN and The United Nations… for 25+ years. During this time, he carried out a wide range of assignments from war reports to documentaries.

In parallel, along with his video activities, Paul-Michel has now quietly returned to photography, capturing moments, passers by and curious details with his candid street photography. He considers himself as someone who speaks visually using lens-based work. His search is for that split second when all the scenic elements of the street come together in harmony to create the perfect composition, a story and therefore a picture

Photography, at its best, communicates and informs, enrages and engages, educates and entertains. Paul-Michel offers his pictures as limited print editions for interiors and buildings. 

Based in Ireland - Available for assignment photo or video worldwide (Video:

Instagram: @pmledoux



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